Even the most advanced attacks start simply: With an Email.

Even the most advanced cyberattacks against large organizations often began with an email sent to an employee. Attackers know employees have access to information, data and computers. Email and web-based attacks target employees as they open links and attachments in email or navigate to different websites. These attacks are designed to clandestinely defeat your defenses and compromise accounts or computers within your company's environment. From there, the attacker can steal passwords, inject malware and ransomware, steal data, move to other computers or target your clients.

Providing an organization-wide program to educate your workforce about how to spot and avoid threats is one of the most important, and most cost-effective ways, to increase your organization's resiliency.


Cloud-Based Training

United Key understands how criminals and nation-state actors target businesses and employees.  We customize a year-round training program tailored for your organization & industry. Cloud-based platforms deliver short modules and information to every employee, anytime, from anywhere. Learn how to defend data in business and at home. 



United Key coordinates and executes harmless, simulated attack campaigns that emulate real email & web-based attacks your employees will face.  Think of this like a digital fire drill designed to prepare employees to spot and avoid the real attacks when they come.