Breaches can affect any business of any size in any industry.

Data defense and security is a business & executive management issue, not just an IT problem. It is one of the top business risks in 2018 and breaches can come with enormous costs. Establishing a layered defense system for business data forces an attacker to successfully defeat several, if not many, technical defensive measures while at the same time improving your business' health. 


Network Monitoring & Intrusion Detection

Whether you run a home office or a multi-location corporate environment, United Key can provide network defense and intrusion detection systems that will monitor and defend your business data. Technicians can spot and assist with remediating attacks against your business network.


E-Mail Defense

E-mail is one of the most common delivery methods for cyber weapons like malware & ransomware.

United Key provides solutions that will scan every email for malicious links and attachments well before they ever reach an employee or executive's inbox.

A national-level threat engine identifies threats by sender, links and attachments to reduce the likelihood harmful cyber attacks can reach your workforce.


Endpoint Protection

Whether your employees use their own computers or company computers in the office, or work remotely, United Key provides next-generation, advanced defense to defend them from global threats.

Whether an attack is delivered via e-mail, website or other means, they usually have a similar goal: compromise the endpoint.

Cloud-based solutions from national vendors provide consolidated defense. See all your computers and track threats from one place, no matter where they are, from anywhere at anytime.

United Key can help your staff monitor and respond to incidents so they can stay focused on their core mission: business.